Programme Catalogue - Details: 11 July 198919910120First broadcast on 1989-07-11

Producer: R. IMISON


Copyright and performance fee France, in the 1950s. Andre Bitos was not popular at school with his wealthy classmates. He was a scholarship boy and a prig, and he always came top. Now, they are all grown up and he is the Deputy Public Prosecutor...

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drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

11 Jul 1989 19:30-21:30 (RADIO 3)

20 Jan 1991 19:30-21:30 (RADIO 3)


Hugh Dickson (Actor)

Michael Cochrane (Actor)

Melinda Walker (Actor)

Clive Merrison (Actor)

Christopher Good (Actor)

Michael Kilgarriff (Actor)

Vincent Brimble (Actor)

Roger Hammond (Actor)

Jeremy Clyde (Actor)

Ken Cumberlidge (Actor)

Madeline Smith (Actor)

Peter Pacey (Actor)

Alexandra Mathie (Actor)

Jean Anouilh (Author)

Richard Imison (Producer)

Lucienne Hill (tr)

Recorded on 1989-05-14.

"First broadcast on 1989-07-11

""First broadcast on 1989-07-11

Michael Cochrane (Actor)

Christopher Good (Actor)

Recorded on 1989-05-14."""

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