Portugal [Drama On 3]


2004080820050515By Zoltan Egressy, translated and adapted by Ryan Craig from a literal translation by Katalin Trencsenyi

In a pub in a rural village in Hungary, the regulars are looking forward to the annual funfair and the prospect of a visit by a famous football team - real diversions from the only constant one of alcohol.

Instead Nick, a stranger from Budapest on his way to Portugal, appears and triggers mayhem, capturing the heart of the landlord's daughter and provoking intense jealousy in Turnip, her ""fiancee"".

The little world of Ergacs is turned upside-down.

  • directed by.... - - anastasia tolstoy

  • landlord....alun armstrong
  • nick....Bertie Carvel
  • peg....pearce quigley
  • priest....Philip Fox
  • ribbon....sheridan smith
  • satan....Jon Glover
  • turnip....darryl clark
  • wife....sally rogers
  • woman....sally rogers