Potted History

Gregg Wallace and Charlie Hicks explore the history of food preservation from the Stone Age to the Space Age.


[R4 BD=19961219]

By Andrew Dallmeyer. Ruben has invented a machine to listen to pots. Now he needs someone from the museum to steal some for him. with John Buick. Eliza Langland, John Ramage and Ann-Louise Ross. Director Finlay Welsh

[R4 BD=19961219]

Unknown: Andrew Dallmeyer.

Unknown: John Buick.

Unknown: John Ramage

Unknown: Ann-Louise Ross.

Director: Finlay Welsh

AnnaHewison: Irene MacDougall

Ruben Chomsky: Tom Watson

Patrick Selby-Wright: Crawford Logan

Alice: Michael Perceval-Maxwell

01Drying And Smoking2002042820030609

This edition looks at drying and smoking.

02Jams And Chutneys2002050520030610
02Jams And Chutneys2002050520030610

feature in this edition.

03Potted Shrimps And Tinned Beans2002051220030611

This programme reveals how shrimps get potted and beans get tinned.


This programme looks at freezing and finds out how a millionaire's wife changed the way we keep food.

05 LASTMilk2002052620030613

This programme examines different ways to keep milk.