The Power And The Glory


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700622]by DENNIS CANNAN and PIERRE BOST from the novel by GRAHAM GREENE adapted by PEGGY WELLS with Derek Godfrey Francis de Woolf Henry Stamper and Patience Collier

' It doesn'matter my being a coward and a drunkard and all the rest. I can put God into a man's mouth just the same - and I can give him God's pardon. It wouldn'make any difference to that man if every priest in the Church was as bad as me.'

Produced by RONALD MASON

(Patience Collier is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Co)

(D. A. N. Jones writes on page 14)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Dennis Cannan

Unknown: Pierre Bost

Novel By: Graham Greene

Adapted By: Peggy Wells

Unknown: Derek Godfrey

Unknown: Francis de Woolf

Unknown: Henry Stamper

Unknown: D. A. N. Jones

Tench: Henry Stamper

Chief of Police: Prancis de Woolf

Priest: Derek Godfrey

Lieutenant: Brian Hewlett

Maria: Patience Collier

Brigitta JO: Manning Wilson

Francisco: Sean Barrett

Miguel: Sean Arnold

Francisco's mother: Margot Boyd

Mestizo: Andrew Sachs

Governor's cousin: Malcolm Hayes

Spinster: Kathleen Helme

Drunkard: Kerry Francis

Lopez: Clifford Norgate

Warder: Sean Barrett

Obregon: Kerry Francis

Schoolmaster: Frederick Treves

Alvarez: Sean Arnold

Obregon's wife: Elizabeth Proud

Vittorio: Andrew Sachs

Peasant woman: Margot Boyd

Man: John Rye

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920109]NEW America's Crisis of Leadership American politics has lost its ring of confidence. As the presidential election begins, James Naughtie travels from City Halls to

Capitol Hill and the White House to ask political leaders how the US can deliver at home the success it has won abroad.

A four-part series.

1: All Politics Is Local Mayoral candidate in Boston, Ed Doherty. Producer Anne Stoman

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920109] Unknown: James Naughtie

Unknown: Ed Doherty.

Producer: Anne Stoman