The Power Of Life And Death, A Pill For Everything



When a number of distinguished members of government committees are found dead in suspicious circumstances, it falls to DCI Kate Duncan to discover what the connecting factor is.

A series of anonymous letters suggested that Dame Imelda Sharpe might have been murdered. An exhumation of the body revealed the presence of a prescription drug not mentioned in her medical records.

Mark Lawson's deftly plotted murder-mystery gets to grips with a major concern at the heart of our cash-strapped NHS: the post code lottery and exactly who is to be considered deserving of the most expensive life saving drugs on the market.

Kate Duncan-Haydn Gwynne

Lorenzo-Lloyd Thomas

Briggs-Chris McHallem

Hermione Sharp -Abigail McKern

Dame Imelda Sharp-Honor Blackman

Sue Wells-Abigail McGibbon

Dr Tom Cready-Nick Dunning

Dee Mortimer-Stella McCusker

Jeremy Vine-Himself

Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan.

Written by Mark Lawson.

. A series of anonymous letters suggests that Dame Imelda Sharpe might have been murdered."