The Power Of Life And Death, Omnibus



When a number of distinguished members of government committees are found dead in suspicious circumstances, it falls to DCI Kate Duncan of Scotland Yard's Sensitive Cases Squad to discover what the connecting factor is.

Mark Lawson's deftly plotted murder-mystery gets to grips with a major concern at the heart of our cash-strapped NHS: the post code lottery and exactly who is to be considered deserving of the most expensive life saving drugs on the market.

Kate Duncan- Haydn Gwynne

Lorenzo- Lloyd Thomas

Briggs- Chris McHallem

Hermione Sharp - Abigail McKern

Dame Imelda Sharp- Honor Blackman

Sue Wells- Abigail McGibbon

Dr Tom Cready- Nick Dunning

Dee Mortimer- Stella McCusker

Jeremy Vine- Himself

Written by Mark Lawson.

The Power of Life and Death was directed in Belfast by Eoin O'Callaghan.

Omnibus: Mark Lawson's murder mystery about the suspicious deaths of MPs."