The Price Of Light

By Hilary Mantel.

Maria Theresa von Paradis was the daughter of a Viennese court official in the late 18th century.

A musical prodigy, she lost her sight in early childhood.

In an attempt to cure her blindness, her parents approached Anton Mesmer, not yet famous, but already controversial.

Soon she began to regain her vision, but as she did, her musical talent seemed to deteriorate.

A public and scientific scandal ensued.

Maria....Teresa Gallagher

Mesmer....Michael Maloney

Von Paradis....Neil Dudgeon

Madame Von Paradis....Lia Williams

Empress....Eleanor Bron

Anna Mesmer....Jenny Howe

Marie Antoinette....Emily Bruni

Dr Stoerk....John Rowe

King Louis....Paul Panting

Harpsichordist....Robin Bigwood

Director Marilyn Imrie.