Genome:|[r1 Bd=19911005]Paul Gambaccini continues his series of 14 profiles of rock's most influential figures.

Prince was the most consistently innovative popular musician of the 80s... who else would even have considered recording an album of himself as a woman?

Producer Kevin Howlett

Genome:|[r1 Bd=19911005] Unknown: Paul Gambaccini

Producer: Kevin Howlett

Genome:|[r1 Bd=19920114]An appreciation by Paul Gambaccini.

Producer Kevin Howlett

Genome:|[r1 Bd=19920114] Unknown: Paul Gambaccini.

Producer: Kevin Howlett

Programme Catalogue - Details: An Appreciation By Paul Gambaccini19911005
Programme Catalogue - Details: An Appreciation By Paul Gambaccini19911005Producer: K. HOWLETT

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05 Oct 1991 14:00-15:00 (RADIO 1)

14 Jan 1992 21:00-22:00 (RADIO 1)

Recorded on 1991-09-11.

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