Prisoner Of Zenda, The [Reading]

Richard E. Grant begins reading an eight-part adaptation of Anthony Hope's classic adventure story


0220011012Rudolph Rassendyll has travelled to attend the coronation of his namesake and rumoured cousin, the new Ruritanian king.
0320011019On the eve of his coronation, the new king of Ruritania is poisoned by his bother and rival for the throne.
0420011026Posing as the king of Ruritania, Rudolf Rassendyll receives a warning from princess Flavia.
0520011102Madame Antoinette de Mauban tells Rudolf of the plot to murder the king.
0620011109Rudolf's attempts to seek out Michael are jeopardised by Rupert Hentzau's attack on him.
0720011116Rudolf comes under pressure to marry Princess Flavia.
08 LAST20011123Rudolf sets out to rescue the monarch and becomes aware of another plot involving Duke Michael.