Professor Geoff Palmer [Radio Scotland]


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Pennie Latin talks to Geoff Palmer, the UK's first professor of brewing and distilling.

Born in Jamaica in 1940 Geoff Palmer arrived in the UK aged 14 years and 11 months with little formal education. Declared educationally sub-normal it was his ability on the cricket field that got him into a grammar school and started his scientific education that would eventually bring him to Heriot-Watt University and become the UK's first professor of Brewing and Distilling and Scotland's first black professor.

His research into the grains and cereals, in particular the malting process changed the brewing industry and saved it millions of pounds.

In the lecture theatre he took great delight in telling his students that they should be tasting beer as well as learning about how to make it.

Now retired, it is with a sense of great pride that he can look at craft beers from across the world and taste the hard work of his former students.