Professor Smith - Fired And Emotional

Arthur Smith presents an eight-part comic series.


01Pictures20000722This first programme takes the pictures as its theme, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the cinema.

With clips from Les Dawson, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, Billy Crystal, Hudson and Landry, Robert Klein, George Carlin and Greg Proops

02Censorship20000729In this second programme his theme is censorship, featuring clips from `I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again', Stan Freberg, Hudson and Landry, Craig Ferguson, National Lampoon, Frankie Howerd and Vivian Stanshall.

Plus examples of what you can and cannot get away with - dating back to the 1930s.

03The Powers That Be 120000805With clips from Mark Steel, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Albert Brooks and Rory Bremner
04The Powers That Be 220000812With clips from Hugh Laurie, George Carlin, Roy `Chubby' Brown, Chris Rock, Eddie Izzard, Steve Martin and Bill Hicks
05Media20000819Today's theme is the media, and the programme features clips from Stan Freberg, Martin and Molloy, Robert Klein, `I'm Sorry, I'll Read that Again', Eddie Izzard, Fry and Laurie, Lee Evans, and the cast of `On the Hour'.
061000 Years Of English Language20000826In this programme, 1,000 years of the ENGLISH language, featuring clips from Bob Newhart, Bob and Ray, `Struck Off and Die', the Vestibules, Marty Feldman and Eddie Izzard
07Popular Culture20000902In this programme, he tries to capture the youth market by taking popular culture as his theme.

Featuring clips from the University of Tooting Bec's own boy band, the Texas Chainsaw Orchestra, the Shirehorses, Weird Al Yancovic, and Frankie Howerd singing `Blue Suede Shoes'.

08 LASTComedy And Song20000909In this final programme he takes comedy and song as his theme.

Featuring clips from Eddie Izzard, Andrew Sachs, Tony Fayne, the cast of `I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again', Anna Russell and Hudson and Landry.