DRAMA20161206Sarah, a business woman, and George a composer, live in a middle-class suburb with their eight-year-old son, Harry. A schoolmate of Luke's, from a less well-off family, is diagnosed with a rare and lethal brain tumour. Sarah and Georges throw themselves into a local campaign to raise money for a life-saving operation in Australia. They help to organise a very lucrative auction of promises. George, normally known as something of a curmudgeon, even agrees to offer a course of piano lessons to the highest bidder. Their shared enthusiasm for doing the Right Thing means that for the first time in ages they are distracted from the deep-seated problems in their marriage.

But it's the calm before the storm. Following the auction, Sarah makes an unwelcome discovery - the sick boy's parents have dipped in to the charity fund and spent a significant amount on a holiday - without even taking their ill son with them. Sarah faces a horrible dilemma - should she expose the parents, thereby possibly denying him the operation? Or should she stay silent and be complicit in their criminal and immoral act?

Writer - Hugh Costello

Producer - Eoin O'Callaghan

Director - Eoin O'Callaghan.

A fundraiser to save a sick child turns sour when the proceeds go missing.

Drama from BBC Radio 4