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A play by PETER GILL based on the story My Life by ANTON CHEKHOV with Ian McKellen

Eleanor Bron , Joseph O'Conor Place: A Russian Province in the 1890s.

Cast in order of speaking:

Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN

(Joseph O'Conor is in 'The Heretic ' at the Duke of York's Theatre, London)

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Play By: Peter Gill

Unknown: Anton Chekhov

Unknown: Ian McKellen

Unknown: Eleanor Bron

Unknown: Joseph O'Conor

Produced By: Joseph O'Conor

Kleopatra, Misail's sister: Sheila Grant

Misail: Ian McKellen

Alexander Pavlovitch Poloznev,his father, an architect: Joseph O'Conor

Anyuta: Shirley Dixon

Ivan: Hugh Dickson

Andrey Ivanov, a contractor: John Hollis

Vladimir Ivanov Blagovo, a doctor: Denys Hawthorne

Victor Ivanov Dolzhikov, an engineer: Geoffrey Matthews

A Shopkeeper Leslieheritage: Leslie Heritage

A Workman: Peter Tuddenham

Marya: Eleanor Bron

Prokofy, a butcher: Peter Pacey

Karpovna, Misail's old nurse: Kathleen Helme

Madame Azhogina: Gladys Spencer

The Governor of the Province: John Bryning