Putting The Black Country On The Map



Adrian Goldberg becomes detective as he sets out on a geographical and anthropological investigation into the origins and boundaries of the Black Country.

The coal and iron of the Black Country helped build the nation; its factories made the locks, nails and rivets that sustained the British Empire (not to mention the chains for the Titanic) and it stands at the heart of Britain's canal network. But where exactly is it? Even local inhabitants can't agree.

Adrian Goldberg sets out to gather the evidence to work out where its boundaries lie and on his way he uncovers the story of one of the UK's most maligned, neglected and misunderstood regions: a place whose darkness was said to appal Queen Victoria.

Where does the Black Country end and the Midlands begin and how and when did it get this name?

Presenter: Adrian Goldberg

Producer : Perminder Khatkar.