Quay Conversations



Janice Forsyth is joined by architectural historian Charles Jencks to address the question of whether architecture helps or hinders the healing process.

Bliss Browne20080402

Priest, and former banking executive Bliss Browne talks about Imagine Chicago, an urban regeneration project which has been used as a model for communities all over the world.

Kathleen Marshall20080507

Janice Forsyth is joined by mother, former lawyer and Scotland's first commissioner for children, Kathleen Marshall.

Pen Hadow20080227

Adventurer Pen Hadow discusses his plans for a hundred day trek across the Arctic to survey the impact of climate change on the ice.

Vicky Featherstone20080130

Janice Forsyth talks to Vicky Featherstone, the Artistic Director of the National Theatre for Scotland, about her vision for theatre in Scotland.