Quest For A Cure

Peter Day follows the efforts of one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies to develop a cure for HIV.



For several years, Radio 4 has been following the painstaking development of an HIV-Aids drug, now called Maraviroc. Peter Day visits Washington DC to see whether the regulators will allow it to reach the marketplace.

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Finding and developing a new pharmaceutical drug takes years and costs millions. Five years ago, Peter Day gained unique behind the scenes access to track a potentially groundbreaking HIV/Aids treatment as it moved out of the laboratory at Sandwich in Kent and into the vital test stages. In this first of three weekly reports, he tells how the worlds biggest drug company spent years on fruitless research... until inspiration struck.

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It has already taken the world's largest pharmaceutical company years of research and millions of pounds and dollars to select and develop a new approach to treating HIV/Aids, and there is still no guarantee it will work in humans.

Peter Day has spent five years tracking the process to produce this unique diary of the hopes and fears, the risks and the rewards for the dedicated teams of specialists who combine to try to make a new drug.

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For almost 20 years, hundreds of scientists at Sandwich in Kent have been working to bring a new HIV/Aids drug to the marketplace. The BBC has been tracking them for the past five years, and was given unique access to make this radio diary of a drug. But just as the drug moves into the global test phase, rival treatments also racing to the marketplace hit trouble. Is it right to trust big business to keep us healthy?