Quest Of Donal Q, The [Radio Scotland]



The Quest of Donal Q

By David Ashton

Based on the template of Don Quixote, The Quest of Donal Q, is the story of two rival brothers who journey through Scotland in search of a childhood sweetheart. Specially written for and starring Brian Cox and Billy Connolly.

DONAL (Billy Connolly) and SANDY (Brian Cox) have been separated as kids in an orphanage. Donal adopted by a rich couple and taken off to grow up in sunny California, Sandy never chosen and left to live all his life in not quite so sunny Dundee.

It's ten years since the brothers last met and at that time they had a fierce falling out. Now Donal is back - turning up out of the blue at Sandy's tobacconist shop, "Paterson's Inferno", to demand that his brother drop everything and travel on an urgent mission.

The Quest is to find a girl they were both in love with at the Orphanage; Jeanette, red haired, fair skinned and beautiful. An ideal princess. Donal claims she has written to say that she's in dire straits and needs a knight in shining armour to come to her rescue.

And so begins a journey - a journey that will make or break both brothers as conflict breaks out between past, present and future.



Sandy....BRIAN COX

Hamish/Mr Quigley.... JOHN KIELTY

Jeanette/Leonora....SANDY McDADE

Fergus/Mungo....FORBES MASSON

Mother/Maybelle....LINDY WHITEFORD


Margo/Mrs Quigley.... TRACY WILES

Gilchrist....CARL PREKOPP

Prester John/Ernie.... DAVID ASHTON


Producer/Director....David Ian Neville.

Billy Connolly and Brian Cox star as two brothers embarking on a desperate quest for love.