Wealthy East Ender Joey and his much younger wife Bianca live in an expensive villa on the Costa del Sol, surrounded by servants and other staff.

They seem to have the perfect life.

But as the story unfolds, some unsettling questions arise.

Why can't Joey go back to England, where most of his business interests still lie? Why is he so obsessed about security? Why, come to that, does Bianca keep going on about contract killers? And when it comes to the crunch, how far can husband and wife trust each other?

David Troughton and Tracy-ann Oberman star as Joey and Bianca in this taut black comedy.

Written by Simon Brett, the crime novelist and creator for radio of After Henry, No Commitments and - more recently - People in Cars.

Producer: Liz Anstee

A CPL Production for BBC Radio 4.

Comedy by Simon Brett about a couple living - or perhaps imprisoned - on the Costa del Sol