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R4 NEWS 1800

26 May 1999

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 80SX0204

First broadcast on 1999-05-26

Next in series: 27 May 1999

Previous in series: 25 May 1999

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RHYS-JONES, Welsh Assembly, Kosovo, Viagra, witholding tax, ALFORD, Chinook . crash, arranged marriages, Australia, Kashmir, Middle East, Coopers & Lybrand personal finances, Millwest Travel, minke whale, happy hours, cricket. .

ITEM 03:KOSOVO: Britian preparing to send 12,000 more troops to Kosovo to implement any peace agreement. Existing force of 28,000 NATO soldiers in Macedoniainsufficient to deal with massive destruction of Kosovo by Serbs: act Georg e ROBERTSON (Defence Sec); Mark LAITY report ex NATO HQ; a Yugoslav and two Australian aid workers, Stephen PRATT and Peter WALLACE, have gone on trial in Belgrade charged with spying: Mike WILLIAMS report ex Belgrade. ITEM 04:VIAGRA: Drug manufacturer Pfizer may claim damages from government after High Court ruled restrictions on Viagra were unlawful. Health Sec Frank DOBSON limited anti-impotence drug on cost grounds but judge ruled this interfered with the professional judgement of GPs: Richard HANNAFORD report; act Dr John CHISHOLM (BMA), Ken MORAN (Pfizer).

ITEM 10:KASHMIR: India says it will continue air strikes in Kashmir for as long as necessary. India claims Pakistan-backed group infiltrated disputed territory. Two countries disputed where bombs landed: Mike WOOLDRIDGE report. ITEM11:MIDDLE EAST: King ABDULLAH of Jordan met Palestinian leader Yass er ARAFAT in Gaza Strip and promised full support in restarting peace process.Talks to create united Arab front after Ehud BARAK won Israel election: Hilar y ANDERSSON report ex Gaza. ITEM 12:COOPERS& LYBRAND: Accountants Coopers & Lybrand to pay more than #67 million for its role in affairs of late Robert MAXWELL. Payment believed to be largest of its kind in Britain: Greg WOOD report.

ITEM 13:PERSONAL FINANCES: After mis-selling of private pensions, national strategy devised to raise awareness of personal finance. Financial Services Authority especially keen to teach children how to handle money: Nicola CARSLAW report; act vox pops, Christine FARNISH (FSA). ITEM 14:MILLWESTTRAVEL: Millwest Travel in Manchester has gone bust leaving thousands of Manc hester United fans in Barcelona without tickets for European Cup Final. SportsMinister Tony BANKS trying to persuade officials to allow affected fans in t o Nou Camp stadium: Kevin BOCQUET report; act Tony BANKS. ITEM 15:MINKE WHALE: Volunteers rescued baby minke whale from rocks near Land's End in 9 hour operation: Sarah RANSOME report ex Truro.

ITEM 07:CHINOOK: Computer Weekly magazine says computer problems may have caused Chinook crash on Mull of Kintyre in 1994: Emma SIMPSON report ex Glasgow; act Tony COLLINS (Computer Weekly), John COOK (father of pilot). ITEM 08:ARRANGED MARRIAGES: Labour MP Ann CRYER wants greater protection for Asian women resisting arranged marriages. A mixed race couple from her constituency met Home Office Min Mike O'BRIEN today. They have been hiding from the family of the woman for 6 years: Reeta CHAKRABARTI report; act Ann CRYER. ITEM 09:AUSTRALIA: Tenth body found in bank vault case, the worst serial killingin Australia. Remains found near ninth victim in garden near Adelaide. Police suspect motivation was welfare fraud.

ITEM 16:HAPPY HOURS: Scottish Parliament urged to allow local authorities to ban happy hours in pubs and bars. Campaigners say reduced price drinks in earlyevening encourages binge drinking and anti-social behaviour: David MILLER report ex Edinburgh. ITEM 17:CRICKET: India beat Sri Lanka in Cricket World Cup match at Taunton. South Africa beat Kenya in Amsterdam.

ITEM 01:RHYS-JONES: Buckingham Palace complained to the Press Complaints Commission that The Sun published a topless photograph of Sophie RHYS-JONES. Picture taken 11 years ago inc radio and television presenter Chris TARRANT, who is now taking legal action. Former colleague Kara NOBLE sold the picture and has been sacked from Heart FM. The editor of The Sun apologised to Sophie RHYS-JONES: Torin DOUGLAS report; act Chris TARRANT, Chris WRIGHT (Heart FM owner), Lord WAKEHAM (PCC). ITEM 02:WELSH ASSEMBLY: Queen inaugurated first parliament in Wales for nearly 600 years. Crowds welcomed Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince CHARLES to the temporary home of the Welsh Assembly in the docklands area of Cardiff: Carolyn QUINN report; actcrowds, Queen, Prince CHARLES (in Welsh).

ITEM 05:WITHOLDING TAX: Witholding tax will not be imposed on Britain by Brussels, Tony BLAIR said at Prime Minister's Questions. Conservatives accused Chancellor Gordon BROWN of betraying national interest at EU finance ministers metting yesterday: Nicholas JONES report; act Tony BLAIR, William HAGUE. ITEM 06:ALFORD: Actor John ALFORD jailed for 9 months for supplying cocaine and cannabis. Judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court said there was entrapment in undercover operation by the News of the World but ALFORD was motivated by greed: John ANDREW report.

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human relations (sociology)

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prince charles (royalty)

yugoslavia regional unrest

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relations between india and pakistan

india pakistan crisis

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chinook helicopter crash in shetland isles (1986)


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chinook helicopter crash in mull of kintyre (1994)

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cricket world cup 1999

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ethnic cleansing in kosovo

ethnic cleansing by serbs in kosovo

opening of welsh assembly

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26 May 1999 18:00-18:30 (RADIO 4)


Tony Blair

Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Charles

John Andrew

William Hague

Carolyn Quinn

Kevin Bocquet

Nicholas Jones

George Robertson

Tony Banks

Mike Wooldridge

Torin Douglas

Nicola Carslaw

Greg Wood

Emma Simpson

Richard Hannaford

Hilary Andersson

Reeta Chakrabarti

Mark Laity

John Wakeham

Mike Williams

Chris Wright

David Miller

Chris Tarrant

Ann Cryer

John Chisholm

Christine Farnish

Tony Collins (journalist)

Sarah Ransome

Ken Moran

John Cook (pilots father)


R4 NEWS 1800

27 May 1999

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 80SX0175

First broadcast on 1999-05-27

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Previous in series: 26 May 1999

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War crimes; Kashmir; Manchester Utd; Railtrack; Dolly the sheep; Euro; SNP; LDP leadership; Water; Pinochet; N Ireland; Summerhill; Sophie photos; Child abuse; Infant mortality; Aborigines; Last Supper; Victory parade.

ITEM 03:MANCHESTER UTD: 1000's of people have lined streets of Manchester to see victory parade of Man Utd football club after team completed historic treble of winning the Premiership, FA Cup and now the European Cup: Jonathan HALLEWELL rpt; fx chanting; vox pops fans ITEM 04:RAILTRACK: Co. insists that its record profits will help fund large increase in investment into Britain's railways after facing strong criticism from passenger grps and MPs: Simon MONTAGUE rpt; act Gerald CORBETT (Railtrack Chf Exec), Chris GREEN (Virgin Trains Chf Exec) ITEM 05:CLONING: Scientists assessing condition of Dolly the cloned sheep have discovered she 6 yrs older at genetic level than her true age: Pallab GHOSH rpt; act Prod Ian WILMOT (created Dolly)

ITEM 14:CHILD ABUSE: Ex Social worker Geoffrey MORRIS has been jailed for 12 years at Cardiff Crown Court for series of sexual assaults in 7 boys going back 21 yrs ITEM 15:INFANT MORTALITY: New research shows that children born to single mothers are twice as likely to die in their 1st yr than those brought up by 2 parents: Toby SEALEY rpt ITEM 16:ABORIGINES: Aborigine Dayne CHILDS is to be buried in Norwich at request of his adoptive mother and not be returned to Australia despite court action of his natural parents who want him buried in his homeland: Geeta GURU-MURTHY rpt

ITEM 17:LAST SUPPER: Famous fresco of Last Supper by Leonardo DA VINCI has been revealed to public in Milan after restoration lasting 2 decades: David WILLEY rpt ITEM 18:VICTORY PARADE: Manchester United football team has begun parade through city after completing historic trbel of winning Premiership, FA Cup and now the European Cup: Jonathan HALLEWELL rpt; atmos city

ITEM 06:EURO: Govt policy on joining single currency has been called into question by Dep Governor of Bank of England Mervyn King who says it will be impossible to ever know whether economic conditions were right to adopt the Euro: Chris GILES rpt; act Mervyn KING ITEM 07:SNP: Scottish National Party has launched its manifesto for the European Elections: Emma SIMPSON rpt; act Alex SALMOND (SNP Ldr) ITEM 08:LDP LEADERSHIP: Party's foreign affairs spks, Menzies CAMPBELL has pulled out of leadership race leaving a 7 possible candidates for job: Carolyn QUINN rpt; act Nick HARVEY (MP LDP) ITEM 09:WATER: South West Water has defended giving pay rises of 39% to its directors whilst having highest bills in country and most complaints

ITEM 01:WAR CRIMES: President Slobodan MILOSEVIC of Serbia & 4 of his senior officials have been indicted as war criminals by the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague: Bridget KENDALL rpt; act Louise ARBOUR (Tribunal Chf Prosecutor); act Robin COOK (Foreign Sec) re being prepared to talk to Milosevic regime despite charges; Paul REYNOLDS rpt ex Washington re statement from President Bill CLINTON about charges and resolve to continue air strikes against Serbia ITEM 02:KASHMIR: Pakistan has shot down two Indian war planes after a series of air strikes against what it describes as Pakistani-backed infiltrators in Kashmir: Owen BENNETT-JONES rpt

ITEM 10:GENERAL PINOCHET: General Augusto PINOCHET has been refused the right to challenge his extradition notice: Jane PEEL rpt ITEM 11:N IRELAND: Reports that RUC is now linking Loyalist Volunteer Force which is observing ceasefire to murder of solicitor Rosemary NELSON ITEM 12:SUMMERHILL: Summerhill School in Suffolk known around the world for progresive teaching methods could be forced to close now after damning report by School inspectors: Sue LITTLEMORE rpt; act Zoe REDHEAD (headteacher) ITEM 13:SOPHIE PHOTOS: The Sun newspaper has published formal apology to Sophie RHYS JONES after publishing a photo of her topless: Torin DOUGLAS rpt

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proposed extradition of general pinochet from britain to spain

lvf ceasefire 1998

fa cup final 1999

european cup final 1999

manchester united premiership fa cup and european cup treble winners 1999

joining european single currency

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27 May 1999 18:00-18:30 (RADIO 4)


Robin Cook

Alex Salmond

Carolyn Quinn

Simon Montague

Bridget Kendall

Jane Peel

Torin Douglas

Geeta Guru-Murthy

Paul Reynolds

Pallab Ghosh

Emma Simpson

Sue Littlemore

David Willey

Nick Harvey

Toby Sealey

Chris Giles

Chris Green

Owen Bennett-Jones

Gerald Corbett

Mervyn King

Ian Wilmut

Louise Arbour

Jonathan Hallewell

Zoe Redhead


R4 NEWS 1800

26 May 2000

A radio programme

BBC Programme Number: 80SX1315

First broadcast on 2000-05-26

Next in series: 27 May 2000

Previous in series: 25 May 2000

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Pres Brian PERKINS.

ITEM 06:FIJI 1:Group of govt soldiers has defected to George SPEIGHT's rebels who hold prime minister & cabinet hostage. Phil MERCER(rep) [2.22] ITEM 07:FIJI 2:Growing international concern at developments. Bridget KENDALL (rep) [2.20] ITEM 08:SIERRA LEONE:President Ahmed KABBAH will ask Tony BLAIR to keep British troops in the country until rebel threat recedes. Mike DONKIN (rep). Ahmed KABBAH (Sierra Leone President) [2.54] ITEM 09:LEBANON:Lebanese army units move into areas of southern Lebanon prev- iously occupied by Israeli troops. Brian BARRON (rep) [2.21] ITEM 10:RAIL:Railtrack publishes 'league table' of rail operators whose trains have gone through red signals. Simon MONTAGUE (rep). Aidan NELSON (Railtrack Deputy Director of Safety) [3.41]

ITEM 15:BUSES:Scientists at Leeds University have developed computer system to discover why buses turn up in threes - and to try to reduce the problem. It's been bought by transport company, First Group. John THORNE (rep) [2.04]

ITEM 01:OXFORD 1:Political furore over Laura SPENCE, the Tyneside comprehen- sive pupil rejected by Oxford University, continues.Norman SMITH (rep) [4.08] ITEM 02:OXFORD 2:Uni rejects attacks on its admissions policy. Niall DICKSON (rep). Dr Paul KELLEY (Headteacher), Prof Colin LUCAS (V-C Oxford Uni) [4.15] ITEM 03:ULSTER:N. Ireland secretary, Peter MANDELSON, has urged Ulster Union- ists to accept IRA's proposal on arms decommissioning. David EADES (rep). Jeffrey DONALDSON (UUP MP), David TRIMBLE (UUP Leader) [3.29] ITEM 04:DANDO:Police continue questioning Barry BULSARA, man arrested on sus- picion of murdering TV presenter, Jill DANDO. George EYKYN (rep) [3.07] ITEM 05:VICTIMS:Mixed reaction to proposal that crime victims be allowed to address courts. Jon BRAIN (rep).Jack STRAW (Home Sec), Roy WATKINS (Victim Support) [3.39]

ITEM 11:ETHIOPIA:Ethiopian army continues advance into neighbouring state of Eritrea. Peter BILES (rep) [2.26] ITEM 12:FISHER:Mark FISHER, former Labour minister, makes outspoken attack on the party's performance in government. Tim FRANKS (rep). Mark FISHER (Lab MP) [3.03] ITEM 13:CIGS:Customs officers clamp down on new type of high tech smuggling by smokers trying to buy cut-price cigarettes from abroad on the internet. Bob PLATT (rep). Mark POWELL (Customs & Excise), Bob LINE (Head of anti-smug- gling, Coventry depot) [3.13] ITEM 14:SUN CREAM:Superdrug has stopped selling children's sun cream 'Looney Tunes', made by Lincocare, because of safety fears. Richard BILTON (rep). Dr Mike BROWN (Boots) [3.06]

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current affairs programmes (genre)


peace initiatives


ethiopian civil war

ira (irish republican army)

middle east crisis

lebanese crisis

labour party policy


law reform

loss of territory

northern ireland problem

charges (criminal proceedings)

testimony (legal evidence)


black economy




fijian situation

israeli invasion of lebanon 1982

university selection

magdalen college (oxford)

scientific research

ultra violet radiation

red (colour)

railway services

signals (railway)

business enterprises



sun block cream

internet (global computer network)

sierra leone civil war 1995

deployment of british troops in sierra leone

fiji coup 2000

effects of crime

looney tunes (cartoon characters)

Broadcast history

26 May 2000 18:00-18:30 (RADIO 4)


Brian Barron

John Thorne

Mike Donkin

Simon Montague

Niall Dickson

Richard Bilton

Bridget Kendall

George Eykyn

Brian Perkins

Norman Smith

David Eades

Tim Franks

Peter Biles

Jon Brain

Phil Mercer

Bob Platt

Jack Straw (Speaker)

David Trimble (Speaker)

Jeffrey Donaldson (Speaker)

Mark Fisher (Speaker)

Paul Kelley (Speaker)

Ahmed Kabbah (Speaker)

Aidan Nelson (Speaker)

Colin Lucas (Speaker)

Bob Line (Speaker)

Mike Brown (Boots (spkr)) (Speaker)

Roy Watkins (victim support (spkr)) (Speaker)

Mark Powell (customs (spkr)) (Speaker)

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BBC Programme Number: 90SX6044

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Broadcast history

18 Sep 1990 18:00-18:30 (RADIO 4)


William Horsley

Corrie Corfield

Frank Partridge

Bobby Charlton (Speaker)

Bob Scott (Speaker)

Juan Samaranch (Speaker)

Maynard Jackson (Speaker)

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