Ra Scotti - The Lost Mona Lisa


0120090420 (BBC7)
20130923 (BBC7)

4 Extra Debut. The extraordinary day in August 1911 when the Mona Lisa went missing, stolen from the Louvre in Paris. Read by Nickolas Grace.

0220090421 (BBC7)
20130924 (BBC7)

The theft of the painting goes undetected for more than 24 hours, but once it is, uproar ensues. Read by Nickolas Grace.

0320090422 (BBC7)
20130925 (BBC7)

Why has Leonardo da Vinci's painting beguiled people through the ages? A dramatic potted history, read by Nickolas Grace.

0420090423 (BBC7)
20130926 (BBC7)

Vincenzo Peruggia is reckoned to be the painting's thief. But what are his motives and is he believable? Read by Nickolas Grace.

05 LAST20090424 (BBC7)
20130927 (BBC7)

Vincenzo Peruggia is arrested and the painting is returned to France. End of story? Not exactly. Concluded by Nickolas Grace.