The Radio 1 Rock Show With Mary Anne Hobbs


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A welcome return for the Rock Show, highlighting the best in modern rock and a host of new features. Music will come from a broad range of artists across the rock genre, featuring everything from Coal Chamber to

Mogwai, Metallica to Ash.

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News, features and the best in modern rock.

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As John Peel continues his leave, Radio 1 rocks earlier and for longerthis week. Mary Anne Hobbs talks to Tom Morello , guitarist from Rage against the Machine, about their much awaited third album.

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Unknown: John Peel

Talks: Mary Anne Hobbs

Guitarist: Tom Morello

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News, features and the best !n modern rock.

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With major bands talking and playing in the studio.

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Slipknot reveal the secrets of their record collections and major bands talkand perform in the studio.

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Cutting-edge music.

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New and old tracks, plus rock news from Editor on the Edge.

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New and old tracks, plus news.

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New and old tracks.

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New and old tracks, plus Phil Alexanderwith rock news.

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Unknown: Phil Alexanderwith

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New and old tracks, plus rock news from Editor on the Edge Phil Alexander.

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Unknown: Phil Alexander.

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Featuring Melissa Auf Der Maurin session.

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Unknown: Melissa Auf Der

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Classic and modern rock tracks.