Radio 3 At Hightide [Drama On 3]


20191110Two plays recorded live at HighTide Festival in Aldeburgh, set on the edge of the world, weaving myth and archaeology, telling stories of humanity and sacrifice. Created in tandem and with a playful rapport, the plays were presented with live foley.

Silver Darlings
Rita.... Cassie Layton
Reggie.... Simon Ludders
Sam.... Joel MacCormack
Val.... Anastasia Hille

Writer: Tallulah Brown

The Shores
Mammoth.... Clare Perkins
Kenny, Shul.... Joel MacCormack
Erin, Dena.... Cassie Layton
Oxir, Carrotson.... Simon Ludders
Thorpe.... Anastasia Hille

Writer: Vinay Patel

Sound: Anne Bunting, Peter Ringrose
Director: Jessica Dromgoole

Tallulah Brown is a published playwright and screenwriter from Suffolk. Her plays have included Songlines, Sea Fret and When the Birds Come.

Vinay Patel is best known for writing BAFTA-winning single play 'Murdered by my Father', and Demons of the Punjab for Doctor Who. His stage plays included True Brits, and An Adventure.

By Tallulah Brown and Vinay Patel. Two companion plays performed live at HighTide Festival

Series of drama performances, ranging from experimental works to the Classics