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What's Wrong with The Cinema?

An enquiry by RICHARD MAYNE

We go to the movies less and less, but we see more films on television. Do we have enough choice? What happens to the films we can'see? Costs are soaring in the film industry and money is scarce. There will have to be changes - for better or for worse? Could Britain learn from abroad?



Produced By: George Fischer

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What's Wrong with Racing?

Introduced by BILL GRUNDY

The ' Sport of Kings,' now the sport of practically everyone, got off to its flat racing start 10 days ago and the noise of disagreement in the racing world continues. The book-makers argue with the Levy Board and the Tax Man; the Jockey Club and the Horse Race Levy Board are not on good terms.

Are we badly off compared with France and America? Should a single new Government-sponsored body run all aspects of the industry? What is wrong with our traditional multi-million pound sport?

Produced by ALAN BURGESS

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Introduced By: Bill Grundy