19980614Poet Peter Redgrove offers a personal view of the extraordinary May Day processions of dancing hobby horses through the streets of Padstow in Cornwall.

Featuring rare archive recordings from the BBC archives.

Cenotaph Of Snow19980802Belfast-born Michael Longley reads his sequence of war poems, ranging from ancient Greece to the First World War and the recent horrors of Northern Ireland.
198B01Eddie's Other Lives19980412The first of an occasional series of specially commissioned new poems from the finest writers in English today.

`Eddie's Other Lives' by Ken Smith.

Ken Smith the English poet could once have become Ken Smith the American poet.

This poem imagines that he did.

201D01Essex Rag2001111820011124`Essex Rag'.

Lavinia Greenlaw returns to the village where she grew up to explore the landscape she has come to associate with the boredom and isolation of her teenage years (1/2).

201D02 LASTSuch Heavenly Bric-a-brac2001112520011201The second of two poems written by a poet about a place central to their imagination and heart.

`Such Heavenly Bric-a-Brac'.

Michael Longley travels to Carrigskeewaun in Co.


203A01A Village Of Water20030217Series of five specially commissioned poems on the theme of water.

1: A Village of Water, by Sarah Maguire.

A panoramic look at three communities in Kurdistan, Gaza and London.

203A02Civic20030218Series of poems on the theme of water.

2: Civic by Paul Farley.

A journey through the sluices at Thirlmere, via a succession of pipes and aqueducts to Manchester's water supply.

203A03The Sea Cabinet20030219Series of five specially commissioned poems on the theme of water.

3: The Sea Cabinet, by Catriona O'Reilly.

A journey around the Town Docks Museum at Hull.

203A04Water Sessions20030220Series of five specially commissioned poems on the theme of water.

4: Water Sessions, by James Lasdun.

God's Great Flood and a contemporary water fight meet in New England.

203A05 LASTThe Source20030221by Maura Dooley.

The secret life of water and our unslakeable thirst.