The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Andrew Lynch's dramatisation of Robert Tressell's celebrated socialist masterpiece following a group of exploited builders renovating a house in the early 1900s.



A shock is in store for the workmen as their ruthless boss Old Misery singles out one of the group.

Ruth and Easton resort to desperate measures to pay the rent.


Jack is struggling to keep his family out of the workhouse.

Jack Linden is struggling to keep his family out of the workhouse.

Easton, under pressure to provide for his family and keep his job, turns to drink.

Ruth is left at home with the baby and the new lodger, with shocking consequences.

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Ruth, reeling from the shock of recent events, is deserted once again as her husband Easton goes out with his workmates on their annual jolly.

The situation takes a dramatic turn when Ruth goes missing.

Meanwhile the workers are united in tragedy, and an unexpected revelation could change Frank Owen's life forever.