0120131230 (BBC7)

Eric Lomax's best-selling autobiography, featuring his wartime experiences as a prisoner of the Japanese. Read by Alec Heggie.

0220131231 (BBC7)

The outbreak of the Second World War allows the young Scot to escape from his mundane Post Office job. Read by Alec Heggie.

0320140101 (BBC7)

When Singapore falls in February 1942, the signals officer soon finds himself a prisoner of the Japanese. Read by Alec Heggie.

0420140102 (BBC7)

The signals officer brands the Burma-Siam railway as 'the last cruel enterprise of the railway age'. Read by Alec Heggie.

0520140103 (BBC7)

The guards discover the prisoners' home-made radio set. The autobiography of a prisoner of the Japanese, read by Alec Heggie.

0620140106 (BBC7)

Having been transferred and brutalised by his Japanese captors, the signals officer's interrogation begins. Read by Alec Heggie.

0720140107 (BBC7)

Almost 50 years after the end of World War Two, the former officer meets one of his Japanese tormentors. Read by Alec Heggie.

08 LAST20140108 (BBC7)

Striking a balance between remembering the horrors of war and harbouring hate. The memoirs of a POW in Burma, read by Alec Heggie.