Re-enactment Radio



There is at the end of Titanic a desperate scene. Kate Winslet, playing Rose, is floating on a large piece of wood. Jack, her beloved, is freezing to death. And audiences everywhere are wondering why Rose doesn't budge up. The man responsible, James Cameron, is fed up with the controversy. "I've never really seen it as a debate. It's just stupid really."

We think he's wrong, so we've re-enacted Jack's death to prove that he could have survived, if only Rose had moved up.

“Movies are amazing – they transport you to places you’ve never been, immerse you in strange worlds, make you laugh and cry,” says presenter Antonia Quirke. “But when a movie goes wrong, it can make you ask, could we do that better ourselves?”

Fighting in high heels, bogus computer hacking, car chases that simply look fake... we are out to expose why film makers repeatedly get it wrong by doing it ourselves. Expert advisers include Simon Brew and Jonathan Howell.

Re-enactment Radio is a new arts feature presented by Antonia Quirke. The producers in Bristol are Miles Warde, Emily Knight and Victoria Cansfield

Famous film scenes re-enacted - what can go wrong?