Reaching For The Sky


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960108]By Dave Dixon. The year is 1956 -the time of the Suez Crisis. Two 14-year-old boys build model aeroplanes and dream of flying with the RAF. with Peter Tuddenham , Tom Bevan , Paul Panting , Don McCorkindale , David Jarvis , George Parsons and Peter Yapp. Director Tracey Neale Rpt
Genome: [r4 Bd=19960108] Unknown: Dave Dixon.

Unknown: Peter Tuddenham

Unknown: Tom Bevan

Unknown: Paul Panting

Unknown: Don McCorkindale

Unknown: David Jarvis

Unknown: George Parsons

Unknown: Peter Yapp.

Director: Tracey Neale Rpt

Paul: David Holt

Younger Paul: Richard Pearce

Graham: Richard Kill

Clive: Sean Harris

Mr Baxter: Ian Masters

Mrs Baxter: Kristin Millward

MrsArmitage: Elizabeth Proud