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By one of the most exciting voices in modern Russian literature, Alisa Ganieva, Bride and Groom is a tragi-comic novel about family expectations, religious and cultural tensions, and power struggles in rural Dagestan. It's also a love story.

Episode 2
A death in the settlement further destabilises the community whilst the return of the infamous Khalilbek stirs mixed emotions. As Marat's wedding date draws closer the acts of fate that once kept pushing Marat and Patya closer together now suddenly start pulling them apart. Will there be a wedding after all?

Adapted for radio by Bethan Roberts from the translation by Dr. Carol Apollonio.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru/Wales Production

The Writer
Alisa Ganieva is an author from Dagestan. Her novel, Salam Dalgat! (published under a male pseudonym) won the 2009 national Debut Prize. Alisa's latest novel Bride and Groom was shortlisted for the 2015 Russian Booker Prize. In 2016 the Guardian named Ganieva number 9 on the list of Moscow's thirty most talented young people.

The translator
Dr. Carol Apollonio translated Ganieva's debut, The Mountain and the Wall and was awarded the Russian Ministry of Culture's Chekhov Medal in 2010.