The Real 80s

An insightful look at the 1980s, featuring interviews, clips from the BBC archive and music.


0101We Are The World20030729

Today, looking at key political and social events of the decade.

0102Living In A Box20030805

We'll look at the birth of ground-breaking TV series, and events like the launch of Channel 4, TV-AM, Live Aid and The Tube.


A look back to boom spending, bulging wallets and bouffant hairstyles as the series explores how we spent our money on fashion, fads and fun. With music from Duran Duran, Wham and Madonna.

0104 LAST20030819

A look back at music of the decade that brought us Thatcherism, Perestroika, Live Aid and the Brat Pack, with contributions from Kylie, Robert Palmer, Boy George and Billy Bragg.