Real Wild Child

Stuart Maconie presents a six-part series showcasing some the greatest hellraisers in rock 'n' roll history.


01Keith Moon20010705

From throwing TVs out of hotel windows to driving cars into swimming pools, the Who's Keith Moon remains the blueprint for any aspiring bad boy.

03Ozzy Osbourne, Metal Madman2001071920061206 (6M)

From inept burglar and abbatoir worker, Ozzy Osbourne's rise to his position as elder statesman of hard rock is a tragi-comedy of almost Greek proportions.

04Hank Williams, Lovesick And Blue20010726

Long before any of the others, Hank Williams was boozing, popping pills, enduring a high-profile divorce and writing dark songs ruminating on death and mortality.

He died at 29 in the back of a Cadillac clutching a bottle, making him pop's first hellraiser and casualty.

05Jerry Lee Lewis - The Killer20010802

Jerry Lee Lewis `The Killer'.

A look at the career of the man who courted controversy by marrying his 13-year-old cousin, who set fire to his piano way before Hendrix, and whose personal life has been shadowed by tragedy.

06 LASTElvis Presley, The King20010809

The life of the man who became hopelessly addicted to prescription drugs and junk food, who had a mother/Madonna complex, and who lived a cloistered existence in his Graceland mansion with his Memphis mafia.