Real Women

Judith French's three stories of extraordinary 18th-century women, told through the writings of the day.


01Miss Linley's Matrimonial Excursion19981104In which the foremost young soprano of the day, Miss Elizabeth Linley, becomes entangled with aspiring young playwright Richard Sheridan, and all of fashionable ENGLAND is agog.

With Sarah-Jane Holm, David Bamber and James Fleet.

Director Jonquil Panting

02Condemn'd For Piracy19981105In which the real-life trial of the notorious female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read gets a little out of hand...

With Pauline McLynn, Charlotte Coleman and Robin Bailey.

Director Jonquil Panting

03 LASTA Spinster Of No Profession19981106focuses on the French mathematician Sophie Germain.

Growing up in revolutionary FRANCE, she was barred by her sex from entering uninversity, Using an assumed name, she corresponded with Carl Friedrich Gauss, the most famous mathematician of the day.

With Kathryn Pogson and Nigel Anthony.

Director Jonquil Panting