Reaping The Whirlwind


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A sequence of programmes to commemorate the beginning of the nuclear age. At 2.45am on 6 August 1945 a Boeing B-29 carrying an untested uranium bomb took off from the US airbase at Tinan. At 8.14am the bomb was dropped above the city of Hiroshima, killing 70,000 people and injuring 80,000. Editor Alastair Wilson

News from the East

Memories of 6 August 1945 from eyewitnesses of the explosion.

8.00 The Birth of the Bomb

John Slater explores how for two years Britain led the race to build the Bomb. A Pier/Black Hill production

Followed by The Pilot's Tale. Col Paul Tibbets recalls events 32,000 feet above Hiroshima.

8.25 Hiroshima: Listening to Incense Richard Pascoe plays Japanese professor Arata Osada who compiled eyewitness accounts from children who had survived the Bomb. Kerry

Crabbe has woven their testimony into a recreation of the day.

Director Janet Whitaker Revised repeat Followed by A Hidden Agenda?

Professor John Erickson asks if the bombs were intended to subdue Stalin as well as the Japanese.

9.15 A Path to Salvation

Former POWs recall the dramatic impact the Bomb had on their lives. Producer Alastair Wilson

9.40 What H?

Christopher Andrew asks what if D-

Day had failed and we were still at war with Germany when the A-bomb became available in 1945? Producer Ian Bell

Followed by a reading of Einstein's 's Monsters by Martin Amis.

10.00 Aldermaston Days

Former CND marchers discuss their days on the Great West Road. Producer Alastair Wilson

Followed by Burt the Turtle. What to do in case of nuclear attack.

10.35 Bunker Mentality

Christopher Lee explores fifty years of British Civil Defence. Producer Julia Shaw

Followed by Requirements in the Shelter. A poem by Adrian Mitchell.

11.05 Cold Wargames

The Cold War as experienced by British squaddies based in West Germany. Producer Lindsay Leonard

11.25 On the Brink

Alexander MacLeod looks at the Cuban

Missile Crisis of 22 October 1962. Producer Paul Bajoria

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950805]

Editor: Alastair Wilson

Unknown: John Slater