Rebecca [Reader Alex Kingston]

A newly abridged reading of Daphne Du Maurier's incredible story of romance and suspense. Read by Alex Kingston.


012006050520070727Mrs Van Hopper, a rich, snobbish and inconsiderate American, is holidaying in Monte Carlo, along with her nameless paid companion. Mrs Van Hopper soon has her eye on the glamorous widower Maxim De Winter, but Maxim only has eyes for her young companion.
0220060512200708032/8. A reading by Alex Kingston of Daphne Du Maurier's story of romance and suspense. Wealthy widower Maxim du Winter proposes to his new love.

Daphne Du Maurier's story of romance and suspense, read by Alex Kingston.

2/8. Wealthy widower Maxim De Winter has been enjoying the company of the paid companion of the odious Mrs Van Hopper. Unknown to the loathsome woman, the two have fallen madly in love and on the day they are due to leave for New York, Maxim proposes to his new love.

032006051920070810After a honeymoon of seven weeks motoring through Italy and France, Maxim De Winter and his new wife arrive in Manderley. The new Mrs de Winter struggles to get to grips with the size of the house and its formidable housekeeper, Mrs Danvers.
042006052620070817On the day Maxim De Winter departs for London, his new wife discovers a shutter is open in the west wing - and a mysterious man is standing at the window with Mrs Danvers behind him.
052006060220070824Maxim de Winter is horrified at his wife's choice of costume at the newly resumed Manderley annual fancy dress ball. So why did Mrs Danvers suggest she wear it in the first place?

Maxim De Winter is horrified by his wife's choice of fancy dress costume for the ball.

062006060920070907Following the foundering of a ship on nearby rocks, the harbourmaster arrives at Manderley with the shocking news that a diver has discovered Rebecca's missing boat and that a body is lying on the cabin floor.

The harbourmaster arrives at Manderley with shocking news.

072006061620070914Maxim confesses to murdering Rebecca and placing her body in the boat.
08 LAST2006062320070928Jack Favell has come to Manderley to blackmail Maxim de Winter.