0101Walking On The Beaches20030616

For visitors travel is a departure, for hosts it means arrivals, and they are measured in millions, 12 million a year in the case of Majorca. To some residents the island has reached breaking point and the repercussions of uncontrolled tourism are beginning to strain beyond measure, yet to others the tourist euro is a godsend. It is the richest region in Spain and has somehow managed to attract Michael Douglas and the Spanish royal family as well as budget holidaymakers. But has it been worth it? In the first of five programmes, Peter Hughes, creator of the popular television holiday programme, Wish You Were Here, returns to Majorca to see how the island's residents feel about their friendly invasion. He begins kicking up the sand with local hotelier, Antonio Palliser, who recalls the transformation of a remote pine tree covered idyllic bay, into a resort whose name has become synonymous with all that is least lovely about mass tourism - Magaluf.

0102Bread And Oil20030617

Continuing his look at tourism on the island of Majorca from a local perspective Peter Hughes has a lesson in making pamboli (bread and oil) from Tomas Graves, grandson of one of Majorca's first tourists, Robert Graves. Tomas is passionate about the Majorcan food which has been displaced by the chip and the hamburger demanded by the tourist. But ironically, the wealth that ordinary Majorcans are now enjoying has given them back a pride in their own culture, and pamboli is now the fashionable food amongst young Majorcan's.

0103A Little Place In The Sun20030618

Majorcans are increasingly likely to find their next door neighbour is English or German rather than Spanish.

Some of these will be holiday makers who fancy living in a rustic farmhouse all year round, others are millionaires investing in a 4th or 5th home.

The net result of this, foreigners now own over 20% of the island, and Majorcans are being priced out of the market.

Matthias Kuhn is a German millionaire who builds houses for other millionaires, and Peter Hughes gets a grand tour of the ritziest bathroom on the island.

0104Miro The Tourist Promoter20030619

The artist Joan Miro is strongly associated not only with Catalan culture, but also with the promotion of tourism in Majorcan. He happily designed logos for the tourist board and you can still see his designs scattered across the island. But Juan, his grandson, is less enthusiastic about the over development of the island, and believes the island's reputation as a haven for artists has been destroyed.

0105I Am Not Spanish20030620

Carlos Amengual is a passionate Catalan. A homeopathic doctor living in the inland village of Selva, where his family has lived for generations, he collects artefacts of the islands past, and plays the Majorcan bagpipes as he strides through the mountains. He is determined to keep Majorcan culture and the language of the island, Catalan, alive. But Carlos is no narrow minded nationalist. He remembers the first jet planes arriving as an exciting moment in his life, and rejoices in the money that has enabled Majorcans to abandon their rural poverty and travel the world for themselves.