Red And Blue, Hearts And Minds



By Philip Palmer.

Former British Army officer Bradley Shoreham works as a defence consultant. The 'war game' he has created may only be a simulation but he is about to find that its consequences are rather more real than he would like.

Bradley Shoreham....Tim Woodward

Emma Macintosh....Tracy Wiles

Fergus O'Donnell....Lloyd Hutchinson

Cooper....Peter Hamilton Dyer

Lt.Col. Mackay....Don Gilet

Major General Gibbs....James Lailey

Brigadier Harper....Gerard McDermott

Sergeant Evans....Tom Meredith

Desk Sergeant....Harry Livingstone

Directed by Toby Swift

Red and Blue, Philip Palmer's trilogy of plays, focuses on Bradley Shoreham (Tim Woodward). After leaving the British Army, Shoreham became a Consultant Subject Matter Expert. He spends his working life creating war games for training purposes. Fictional they may be but the higher the level of authenticity the greater their value to the participants. And when governments are paying for training they expect a high return for their money.

In 'Hearts and Minds', Shoreham discovers how quickly the politics of his virtual world can spill out into the real world.

In 'Behind Enemy Lines', Shoreham has decreed that Troy is at war with Sparta. Special Forces are involved in a field exercise as part of larger simulated war game. A squadron of British soldiers faces a challenge that will test them to the limit. Cast includes Warren Brown, Liz White and Ifan Meredith.

'Terror' finds Shoreham having lunch with a Brigadier (Bill Paterson) who is on secondment to the Ministry of Defence. He has been invited to discuss war game scenarios involving terror attacks on London. But just how hypothetical is this consultation?

Shoreham discovers how quickly virtual world politics can spill out into the real world.