Genome: [r4 Bd=19900729]

Unknown: John Cracknell

Unknown: Molly Byrne

Written By: Thomas McLaughlin.

Music: Jim McKillop

Barney: Birdy Sweeney

Molly: Eileen Pollock

John: Trevor Moore

Paddy: Joe McPartland

Brendan: Conleth Hill

Programme Catalogue - Details: 29 July 199019900729

Producer: P. BRIGHTON


John Cracknell and Molly Byrne are the presenter and producer of mythical BBC programme 'Folkways' and head off to Co Tyrone to look for the Ulster Fiddler Barney McKeogh. Written by Thomas McLAUGHLIN, produced by Pam BRIGHTON.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

29 Jul 1990 14:30-15:15 (RADIO 4)


Eileen Pollock (Actor)

Conleth Hill (Actor)

Birdy Sweeney (Actor)

Joe Mcpartland (Actor)

Trevor Moore (Actor)

Thomas Mclaughlin (playwright (auth)) (Author)

Jim Mckillop (musician (mus)) (mus)

Pam Brighton (Producer)

Recorded on 1990-01-22.

BBC Programme Number: 89DA6608

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4