The Reggie Pepper Stories


AR01Absent Treatment20050808Reggie attempts to cure his chum Bobby Cardew of a remarkable weakness of memory.
AR02Lines And Business20050809Reggie's attempt to rescue a pal's broken engagement hinges entirely on whether a bulging baby can actually be trained to learn a crucial line of dialogue.
AR03Disentangling Old Percy20050810Reggie is summoned by the fearful Florence Craye.

Trouble is, even when Florence pats you on the head, she does it with her knuckles.

AR04The Test Case20050811Reggie is desperate to roll up the aisle with Ann Selby but how can he prevent her from regarding him as a sub-species of humanity?
AR05 LASTConcealed Art20050812Should Reggie's artist pal Archie confess to his fiancee how he really earns his money? Tell her you have private means, advises Reggie.

And that's where the trouble starts.