Comedian Mervyn Stutter takes an upbeat look at the rejection experience, both professional and personal, and how to survive it. Almost everyone has been rejected at some time in their lives, whether by letter, fax , email, text or face to face. It could be the end of an affair or the end of a job, but the words that give us our marching orders cut deep and can resonate for years to come. Sometimes the blow is cushioned by company-generated euphemisms - 'delayering', 'outsourcing', 'involuntary career eventing'. The 'Dear John' letter, fax or text, can be brutally to the point. Either way, the message is clear enough. But rejection can spur the recipient on to greater things and this programme looks at what happens when one door closes and another opens. In Reject's Revenge the 'revenge' element is not getting nasty, but getting on. Mervyn's cast of rejection survivors includes actors, writers, musicians, speed-daters and a Nobel prize-winning scientist.