Religion In The North


01Religion In The North: Hanne Orstavik20151221

Novelist Hanne Orstavik on her childhood memories of Sami Winter Solstice legends. She lived in Finnmark, the northern most part of continental Europe and recalls how she was told that the Northern Lights were the spirits of the dead who?d steal children away if they were offended.

02Religion In The North: Per Rosenberg20151222

Per Rosenberg: the wooden churches of Scandinavia and the symbolic importance of the forest. The medieval wooden, or stave churches, date to the very earliest days of Christianity in Scandinavia and tell the story of the meeting of the Norse and Christian cultures.

03Norse Mythology: Karl Seigfried20151223

Dr Karl Seigfried explores the Nordic Yule myths and why Norse mythology still speaks to people, a thousand years after the Christian conversion of Scandinavia. Producer: Phil Pegum.

04Christmas Father: Lars Petter Sveen20151224

Lars Petter Sveen Christmas memories of a Christian child growing up in an atheist family. His father wouldn't even allow a star on their Christmas tree, so coming out as a Christian was going to be difficult. Producer: Phil Pegum.

05 LASTA Swedish Christmas: Andrew Brown20151225

The religious journalist Andrew Brown spent part of his childhood in Sweden during the 1960s. In the '70s he married a Swedish woman and raised a family there. He remembers how his mother-in-law was dedicated to keeping the Swedish Christmas traditions alive. Producer: Phil Pegum.