Resurrection [Drama] [Drama On 3]

A confrontation between love and radicalism and political authority - this time between the Roman Civil Governor of Judaea, Pontius Pilate and a troublesome, itinerant preacher, Yeshua Ben Youssef.

Yeshua Ben Youssef....Anton Lesser Pontius Pilate....David Calder Mary of Magdala....Julia Ford Caiaphas....Sam Dastor Shimon Annas....Raad Rawi Nicodemus....John Rowe Claudia Procla....Mia Soteriou Titus Flavius....Chris Moran Other parts were played by James Hayes, Jon Glover and Danny Sapani.

Music by Mia Soteriou and performed by Steve Bentley Kline, Merlin Shepherd and William Lyons.

Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

In tonight's double bill of plays for Easter Sunday, Andrew Rissik presents stories of confrontation between the forces of change and the established order.

The Art of Love The Roman poet Ovid is sent into exile when his allegedly subversive ideas about love and freedom and new ways of living and thinking appear to challenge the authority of the ageing Emperor Augustus.

Ovid....Stephen Dillane Julia....Juliet Aubrey Fabia....Penny Downie Augustus Caesar....Robert Hardy Setorius....Peter Eyre Falco....Ian McNeice Paullus Fabius Maximus....James Laurenson Palamedes....Ioan Meredith Verrius....Damian Lynch Music by Mia Soteriou, performed by Mia Soteriou and Steve Bentley Kline Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.