The Return Of General Forefinger


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700518]A Comedy of Motive by GILES COOPER with Muriel Pavlow. Nigel Stock

Mary O'Farrell, Peter Howell

Augusta Forefinger , whose eccentricity is the springboard from which Giles Cooper plunges into this sparkling pool of crazy humour and the dark undertow of irony that swirls beneath it. is the aged widow of a distinguished 19th-century Empire-builder. She lives now in the observatory of the family's ancestral home in Co Limerick with a distant cousin, who humours her in her pursuit of a remarkable hobby.



Unknown: Giles Cooper

Unknown: Muriel Pavlow.

Unknown: Peter Howell

Unknown: Augusta Forefinger

Produced By: Michael Bakewell

Binnie: Muriel Pavlow

Augusta Forefinger: Mary O'Farrell

George F Brady,: Nigel Stock

Quentin Ashmold: Peter Howell

Linda: Elizabeth Proud

Spine-Pad: Norman Wynne

Macnab: Roger Snowdon

Moti: David Spenser

Clancy: Robert Mooney

Tim: Kenneth Dight