The Return Of Max Carrados - The Ingenious Mind Of Rigby Lacksome


Genome: [r4 Bd=19960508]By Ernest Bramah. In the first of two plays,the blind detective tangles with suffragettes and the Bard. Dramatised by Sue Rodwell. With Simon Callow as Max and Lionel Jeffries as Parkinson. with Deidra Morris , Ian Armstrong and Robert Oates. Music by Robert Rigby. Director Alan Drury. A Mr Punch production
Genome: [r4 Bd=19960508] Unknown: Ernest Bramah.

Dramatised By: Sue Rodwell.

Unknown: Simon Callow

Unknown: Lionel Jeffries

Unknown: Deidra Morris

Unknown: Ian Armstrong

Unknown: Robert Oates.

Music By: Robert Rigby.

Director: Alan Drury.

Rigby Lacksome: Stephen Tompkinson

Moya: Lynsey Baxter

Maisie: Oona Beeson