The Return Of Rowena The Wonderful [Drama]


DRAMA20200612By Helen Cross. Rowena is ready to launch herself into adult life. With Dominique Moore.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

The countdown has begun.

Rowena is getting ready to launch herself into adult life, approaching the age when she must leave her special school in Birmingham. On a planet that often seems hostile to disabled people, how should she live, as an adult? With Dominique Moore as the voice of Rowena.

Seventeen-year-old Rowena still works as a magician’s assistant, Rowena the Wonderful, in her Dad’s magic show, and she’s approaching the end of her school life. Her twin, Alex, has formed his own jazz band, and is off to London to study music in September.

For Rowena the future is more uncertain. Born with severe disabilities, she cannot speak. But her vibrant, intensely joyful and responsive personality means she is expressive and delightful company. When school is over, what then? Could she live independently?

Rowena takes inspiration from her family history, and explores her options with the help of the Deputy Head of her school, Theresa Fadden. It seems there is more funding for a manned mission to Mars than places at college for people who need help with personal care, or transport to get them there. Perhaps she should stay at home with her parents, Jan and Raymond, who have devoted their last eighteen years to her care. But Raymond knows they won't be around forever, and he wants Rowena to be independent.

With the help of her family, Helen Cross imagines Rowena's journey as she takes on a mission to find a new way to live.

With music by Tom Constantine ft Rowena and Alexander Polack.

Writer...Helen Cross
Rowena's voice...Dominique Moore
Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery