The Return Of The Native



It's November 5th, and while Eustacia Vye waits on Egdon Heath for her erstwhile lover Damon Wildeve, his fianc退e Tamsin Yeobright has been jilted at the altar.

  • Thomas Hardy....David Calder
  • ain vye....martyn read
  • by - Thomas Hardy
  • captain vye....martyn read
  • christian cantle....Oliver Hembrough
  • clym yeobright....Adam Godley
  • damon wildeve....timothy watson
  • diggory venn....Ben Crowe
  • eustacia vye....Emma Fielding
  • granfer cantle....gerry hinks
  • humphrey....k] cantle
  • humphrey....martin reeve
  • humphrey....martin reevechristian
  • johnny nunsuch....ben tibber
  • mrs yeobright....Annette Badland
  • susan nunsuch....Sunny Ormonde
  • tamsin yeobright....cathy sara
  • timothy fairway....stephen tomlin
  • traditional music arranged and played by chris leslie
  • directed by.... - rosemary watts
  • dramatised by.... - david calcutt
  • dramatised by.... - david calcutt

    it's november 5th, and while eustacia vye waits on egdon heath for her erstwhile lover damon wildeve, his fianc退e tamsin yeobright has been jilted at the altar

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    Clym Yeobright has returned home from PARIS, and a contrived meeting between him and Eustacia has sparked a mutual interest.

    Is he the man she has been dreaming of?

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    Clym and Eustacia are married, but her disappointment over Clym's intention to stay on Egdon Heath and the resurgence of her passion for Wildeve threatens to blight all their lives.