Return To The Calais Jungle


2020040620200430 (R4)Iranian-born Hossein Ahmadi came to the UK illegally in the back of a lorry in order to seek asylum. Now with leave to remain, he uses his British travel document to return to the Calais Jungle, the refugee camp in northern France where he lived for nearly a year as he tried again and again to find a way of entering the UK.

The Jungle in Calais reached upwards of 8,000 people at its largest in 2016 and was shut down in October of the same year. With producer Philippa Geering, Hossein makes the journey back to speak to the many refugees still living there and in smaller camps in the surrounding area.

Hossein finds out what has changed and what has stayed the same in the Calais Jungle. Including interviews with Clare Moseley of Care 4 Calais and Beth Gardiner-Smith of Safe Passage International, as well as with many refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

Produced by Philippa Geering
An Overtone production for BBC Radio 4

Hossein Ahmadi, an Iranian refugee, returns to the Calais Jungle that was once his home.