Revenge! [Reading]

Barbara Flynn reads four short stories of a vengeful nature.


LS01Making Arrangements1998111620000305by Elizabeth Bowen. When Hewson's wife, Margery, runs off with a younger man, he seems to be taking it calmly - until the day he receives a letter from her.
LS02Jim's Angel1998111720000306by Kate Saunders. Beautiful Clare lives with her frumpy sister, Ursula, mourning the tragic death of her husband, whom she had adored - or had she?
LS03Samuel Lowgood's Revenge1998111820000312by Mary E Braddon. Samuel discovers that Christopher, his rival in love, has defrauded their employer. But what should he do with this knowledge?
LS04 LASTA Glowing Future1998111920000313by Ruth Rendell.

Maurice cannot wait to start a new life in Australia with his darling Patricia - but first there is the little matter of collecting his belongings from his previous lover.