Revenge [Drama] [Drama On 3]

A production for radio of Michael Duke's acclaimed play for Tinderbox Theatre Company about lives shattered by tragic, violent loss during the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Finding themselves left behind by the peace process, one family is suddenly faced with an agonising moral choice.

It's Samhain, the Celtic festival of New Year, when during the hours of darkness the veil between the living and the dead is lifted.

On this night, they can bring back to life those they lost and long for, but there will be a high price to pay.

Old Woman....Barbara Adair

Boy....Daniel McGrady

Father....Lalor Roddy

Mother....Marcella Riordan

Grandfather....Al Logan

Bride....Abigail McGibbon

Woman 1....Libby Smyth

Woman 2....Brigid Erin Bates

Son/David....Michael Condron

Peter....Packy Lee

Mae....Gemma Burns

Angela....Carol Moore

Bomber....Richard Dormer

Music composed by Neil Martin, and performed by Neil Martin, Colin Stark and Mary Dillon.

Directed by Anna Newell.