Rhiannon Tise - Outside In



Nicola is addicted to shopping, and as money runs out, it is getting out of hand.

By Rhiannon Tise
Nicola is bubbly and attractive on the outside but behind
the door to her flat lies a secret. Inside is full of boxes and
boxes of shopping, packed with clothes she has never worn.
She is running out of room but she just can't stop and her
money is running out.

Music by Marc Johnson
Directed by Tracey Neale

On the surface Nicola is a bubbly, enthusiastic outgoing woman who doesn't appear to let life get her down - this is certainly how her friend and neighbour Robin sees her. On the inside however, in her flat, a place where Robin has never been invited, Nicola is a troubled soul. She is lonely and feels worthless and frightened by the world around her. The only thing that picks her up, that gives her the euphoric high she needs to keep going, is shopping.

Nicola's shopping addiction has taken over her flat. Wardrobes, drawers, bags, boxes and suitcases full to bursting. Boxes are stacked up like hedges around the living room, her bedroom and the kitchen, creating a maze of walkways and corridors to get lost in. Nicola never lets anyone in, so no one has any idea of the secret she is carrying around with her. She can't keep her secret forever but what happens when the outside finally finds its way in?

The Writer
Rhiannon won the Richard Imison Award for her play 'The Waltzer' and has written several other plays for radio including Pier, My Life In Boxes and Time Breathes for Radio 4 and Iona, A Wire, for Radio 3. She has also written for the Theatre and her work has been performed at The Royal Court, The Royal National Theatre, The Tron in Glasgow, The Traverse, Southwark Playhouse and The Arcola. Rhiannon's work for Television includes Night and Day (Granada Television); Intergalactic Kitchen (CBBC) and Doctors (BBC).