Rhythm 'n' Jews - The Story Of Klezmer

A series on the history of Jewish Klezmer music.

Presented by Linton Chiswick.


01Between Heaven And Earth20050730

A series on the history of Jewish Klezmer music.

Presented by Linton Chiswick.

Linton Chiswick traces Klezmer's journey from its shtetl origins to America, with the turn-of-the-century Jewish immigrants.

US 'race labels' recorded the music as it arrived, providing the rarest and most tantalising glimpse of a pre-Holocaust Jewish Eastern Europe.

02The Hidden Light20050806

The series on the history of Jewish Klezmer music looks at the time it arrived in America and encounted jazz.

03Songs Of Our Fathers20050813

As the great American melting pot ideal faltered, US citizens of diverse origins went in search of their roots.

In California's Bay Area some 1970s Jewish students discovered some old 78 recordings of Klezmer music and began working on piecing the music back together.

The Klezmorim, the Klezmer Conservatory Band in California and Andy Statman and Zev Feldman in New York began rediscovering klezmer, combining academic investigation with hippy anarchism and creativity.

04 LASTJews And The Abstract Truth20050820

Charting the reinvention of Klezmer, one of the world's most lively and evocative folk forms, through its contemporary fusion with soul, punk, rock and jazz.

In the US for example, one of the best-selling Klezmer musicians is the African-American jazz clarinetist Don Byron, and this programme examines how such radical fusions reflect and inform global changes in Jewish identity.